Year 4 – School Network

Year 4 took a journey around school to identify features on a school network. We found:

The Server
Wireless Access Points
Network Cable

In the sports hall we then modelled this network with cards and string to show all the connections. The children then drew their own diagrams of a school newtork.

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Year 3 – Whats in a Computer

Year 3 have been looking at Computer Components. They began by playing a Memory Game, matching pairs of cards to identify components in or on a computer. The children then had to sort these into two groups, which are Hardware and which are Software.

We then took our knowledge of hardware components to try and identify them inside an actual computer.

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Year 4 – Scratch – Block Based Programming

Year 4 have been learning about selection and how to use it within their programs in Scratch.  The children were asked to predict the behaviour of algorithms using the selection command.  They then tested the programs to see if their predictions were correct to play the different games. Year 4 then using selection created a Ping Pong Game and a Maths Quiz.

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Year 1 – Tinkering with Bee Bots

Year 1 have been exploring programming the Bee Bots. They write algorithms to program the Bee Bot up and down lines and around shapes. They had fun playing The Snakes and Ladders Online Safety Game from Barefoot Computing.  Sometimes, the Bee Bot didn’t do what they thought it should do and so had to do some debugging to fix it.

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Year 5 Physical Computing – Crumble Boards

Year 5 have been exploring programming the Crumble Board. They have been using Sparkles and Sparkle Batons to light on and off. We then designed our own pictures and programs to light the pictures. We are next going to make an animated box using servos and design a car bot to race.

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Year 5/6 The Internet and Packets

Year 5/6 have been looking at The Internet as a network and the multiple services it offers.  They have looked at how data is sent over the internet as packets.  The children displayed their understanding on a huge poster and then played a packet game . This was to reinforce their understanding by role playing how data is split into packets and are sent from the destination computer to the source computer.

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Year 1 Sequence Algorithms

Year 1 have been looking at the importance of sequence in an algorithm. They have programmed an onscreen robot called Flobot (Sherston) to carry out different activities understanding that the sequence needs to precise or it won’t work.


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Year 4 – Controlling Objects on the Screen

Year 4 have been programming procedures in LOGO to create a firework display.

Procedure for a Firework Display

to display
repeat 10[firework yellow move firework red move]

to firework
repeat 16 [fd 70 rt 160]

to move
fd 100
fd random 50
rt random 360

to red
setpc [255 0 0]

to sky
setfloodcolor[0 0 0]

to yellow
setpen [255 255 0]

The children explored how using a repetition of a repeat loop helped them to draw 2D shapes must faster.

Eg for a square it would be repeat 4 [fd 100 rt 90]

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