Y3/4 and Y4 – Hour of Code

To begin our Scratch unit of work this year we explored the Hour of Code website. We completed activities like Frozen, Angry Birds and Flappy Birds before moving onto Scratch and creating our own games and quizzes. Here’s some of our examples.

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By stwcomputing

Y3/4 Computer Parts

Year 3/4 pupils have been looking at input and output devices.  We have also been looking at operating systems and storage media. Take a look at our lesson about what an inside of a computer looks like.  We had to find parts like the Processor, RAM, Hard Drive, Mother board, Fan, Power Supply.

IMAG1437 IMAG1438 IMAG1440 IMAG1442 IMAG1446 IMAG1447 IMAG1448 IMAG1449 IMAG1450 IMAG1454