Year 6 Binary Code

Year 6 have been looking at the difference between data and information and how data is stored in binary code which uses digits 0 and 1.  They used a binary decoder to decode letters just like a computer processor would. They wrote a binary code to write a secret message for a friend. To read the data as information, the friend had to decode the binary data back into the letters which they can read and understand (information).

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Year 4 Sorting Networks

Children in Year 4 have been looking at how computers can only sort two numbers at a time and how efficient and quick they can do this.  They role played what it would be like to be a computer sorting network.  Using mats and hoops in the sports hall, children became a network. There was an input of 6 random numbers and the children used the network to sort themselves into order of smallest to largest number. They then explored other computer networks and how they work. This activity has been adapted from Code IT website.

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The children then designed some sorting networks for 3,4,6 and even 8 numbers.

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