Year 5_6 Unit 5/6E Scratch Games and Quizzes

This half term Year 5 and 6 have been programming in Scratch. We have used the following in our algorithms and  programs:

  • Forever and Repeat Loops
  • Broadcasting Blocks (send and receive messages)
  • Variables
  • ‘If’…’then’… and ‘if’…’.then’….’else’ statements
  • Pick random blocks

See the screen shots below for some examples. We have created:

  • Maths Quizzes
  • Felix and Herbert chasing games
  • Maze Games
  • Whack a Witch type Games

Y5 Scratch Felix and Herbert Charlotte Y5 Scratch Felix and Herbert Game PJ Y5 Scratch Maths Quiz Freya Y5 Scratch Maths Quiz Honor and Rebecca Y5 Scratch Maths Quiz PJ Y6 Scratch Maze Game Penguin MazeY56 Maze Game Katie and Scarlett Y56 Scratch Maze Game Aoife Y56 Scratch Maze Game Phoebe

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