Year 6 Unit 6F Python (Script Based Language)

pythonYear 6 have been looking at syntax in script based programming using Python. The children began by creating their first “Hello World” program. This moved on to the children using variables for names and other items in their programs. They looked at the difference between the editor window and shell where there program is run and tested. They understood that it was really important to get the syntax correct or errors occur. They then explored editing code to play a Guess the Number type game. Examples from Tamlyn, Esther and Louis.


python capture 1 python capture 2 python capture 3

Example Louis Example Tamlyn and Esther

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Year 2_3 Unit 3E “Repeat Loops”

We carried on with our unit about using repeat loops whilst creating and filling 2D Shapes before moving onto scratch and doing a similar activity but using the blocks (visual) programming. The middle screen used penup and pendown to create all polygons on one sheet.

In our programming we used commands like: fd 100, bk 100, rt 45, lt 45, cs (clear screen), penup, pendown, setfloodcolor 12 and fill.

We found that it was quicker when children used a repeat loop in their programming.   repeat 4 [fd 100 rt 90] to draw a square for example.

20160119_150408 20160119_151138_001 20160119_151207

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Year 2 Unit 2F Controlling Characters

Crazy Algorithms, Angry Bird and Artists

This half term Year 2 have been looking at writing, testing and debugging algorithms.  This began with writing an algorithm to produce a crazy character to using the Learn Hour of Code Website to create algorithms to program the bird in Angry Birds to catch the pig and drawing shapes using the Artist Program.

Crazy Characters

crazy 20160212_18544920160212_185510 20160212_185523

Learn Hour of Code

course 2a course 2b course stage 4a course stage 4b course stage 4c


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