Year 5_6 The Internet Network

Year 5/6 have been learning about the internet as a network. We looked at the services the internet provides us with including VOIP,  emailing, gaming, social media and the world wide web. We then looked at what happens when we request a web page over the internet network and how the page is pulverised into packets. We know this as Packet Switching. To understand this we watched a film and played a packet switching game where the packets only had a certain time to live before they are destroyed.



The Internet as a Network

Year 2 Unit 2D: Writing and Testing Algorithms

Children in Year 2 have been building, writing and testing algorithms. They have been learning that an algorithm is a sequence of instructions which needs to be in the correct order to work. We looked at sequencing picture algorithms and then how to control Flobot (a robot) using algorithms in the correct order.

1. Picture Algorithms

2. Controlling Flobot

flobot1 flobot2

3. Human Crane Algorithms – Code IT

Children in Year 2 have been writing algorithms to work a human crane. With crates, cargo and instructions, the children had to write the correct algorithm to get the cargo intot the correct crates. they tested and debugged their algorithms until they worked correctly.

20161018_133922 20161018_133710 20161018_133537 20161018_133421 20161018_133253 20161018_133241 20161018_133104 20161018_133040


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