Year 6: Unit 6A Internet, Webpages and HTML Coding

After investigating Packet Switching and what happens when we request a web page, we began to look at how web pages are made. We’ve been using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to create web pages. Firstly, we used Mozilla X-Ray Goggles to view the HTML that the web page is made up from. We then had fun editing the HTML to create some funny web pages.

Example of creating a character called Lucy in HTML

20160928_101338 20160928_101459 20161012_100535 20161012_100723_00120161012_100920 20161012_101118 20161012_134410_001 20161012_13464420160928_101311


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Year 5: Unit 5F Controlling Devices

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at controlling physical systems and programming in Flowol. We’ve been looking at the differences between inputs and outputs by trying to work them out on a house mimic.


Then we looked at how we use sensors to control outputs on devices. In the lighthouse example the input is the sun. The children were introduced to subroutines. Subroutines are programs which wait to be called into the main program.

eamonolivia-and-annabelleben charlie-nett gabriel

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Year 1: Unit 1D Building Algorithms

We have been looking at building and writing algorithms. We know that an algorithm is a sequence of instructions which has to be in a correct order to work. We created our own Crazy Character Algorithms  in class from Barefoot Computing  and then had to write the algorithm down in the correct order for our friends to draw our algorithm. Here are some of them:

20161002_155102 20161002_155107 20161002_155111 20161002_155115 20161002_155730 20161002_155737

We also have been teaching Mrs Sadler who is a Teacher Robot about how to make a jam sandwich. It was very funny and messy. This taught us that algorithms need to be precise in order to work. Here are out jam sandwich algorithms.

20161016_190209 20161016_190216 20161016_190337 20161016_190349 20161016_190409

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Year 2/3 – Unit 3A Communicating Online

Year 2/3 have been looking at how we can communicate safely when online. We looked at the History of Communication and then how to communicate safely in Edmodo. We know about our Personal Information and what not to give out when chatting online.

History of Communication

Communicating in Edmodo

We have Edmodo rules which we discussed to stay safe:

  • Use Standard English
  • Use Correct Punctuation
  • Be Kind and Respectful
  • Give out NO Personal Information

We created avatars for our profile images as we know not to use our real face.


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