Year 6 Information and Data – Binary Code

Year 6 have been looking at the difference between data and information in terms of computing. We explored how information (text, images and sound) is input into a computer, stored as data, then can be read back as information in the output. We then explored how computers store digital data as Binary, which is a 0 or 1.  0 and 1 can be for on and off or input and output.  The children decoded messages in binary and wrote their own messages to each other. We also counted in binary too.

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Year 4 Building Blogs

Year 4 have been looking at online content, in particular about blogs. We found out that Blog comes fromr WeB LOG and people use blogs to communicate their ideas and experiences. It is an online diary of events. We then created our own blogs to begin blogging to the world!

Our own blogs will be found here:


By stwcomputing