Year 6 Webpages and Script Based Languages

Year 6 have been looking at Script based languages like HTML and Javascript. They have been looking at editing web pages and then have been creating their own pages in HTML and Javscript. We have been looking at the syntax (rules) the script must contain to work. They have used a range of features including tags, RGB codes, variables and strings. The children have created Keep Calm Posters with their own ‘meme’ and their own burgers.

This work is from Aaron, Antonia, Benny, Chinonso, Esther& Camille, Ethan, Isabella, Isabella, Leo, Nicholas and Oliver

By stwcomputing

Year 2_3 Communicating Online

Year 2_3 have been looking at how we can communicate when online and how we need to communicate safely.  The class created and logged onto their Edmodo accounts to explore the following objectives:



  • To create an avatar to stay safe when online
  • To use a nickname and not their full name when online
  • To keep their personal information safe when online
  • To write kind posts and comments when online
  • To join different groups to communicate with when online

The children then explored old and new methods of communication. We then looked at how we can use email to communicate online and how to stay safe when using email.

Sherston Crystal – Emailing

Year 2 Writing and Testing Algorithms

This half term, Year 2 have been learning to draw and write algorithms for different purposes. They have drawn crazy characters and decomposed the image into an algorithm for their friends to follow.  The activity can be found at


The children then created and tested algorithms for Flobot a robot to solve different problems. Like in the example below. The children need to be precise in their instructions for Flobot to complete the different activities successfully.



The Human Crane was the next challenge where Year 2 had to create algorithms to fix the crane and solve different problems of how to program the human crane to put the cargo into different containers. This activity is taken from