Year 3 Digital and Non Digital Painting Tools

As part of looking at computer systems we looked at what made a device digital or not digital. We compared two processes of digital and non digital by creating a real life painting and comparing it to a computer based paint program. The children then evaluated the difference between the two processes.

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Year 2 What is Information Technology?

Year 2 looked at what makes an object information technology. We explored this and discovered that for it to be information technology it had to be one of three things:

  • Its a computer
  • It has a computer inside
  • It works with a computer

The children then explored what we used IT for. They had to use IT skills to manipulate images by resizing and moving them to the correct places on a page.

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Year 1 What is Technology?

Year 1 have been looking at what technology actually is and how it helps us to do things. We started by sorting objects into two groups. What is technology and what is not technology. We then thought about the jobs it helps us to do.

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Year 2 Repetition and Loops

Year 2 have been reinforcing their work on repetition and loops. They have been creating algorithms to control characters to solve different problems.


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Year 6 Kodu Game Design

Year 6 have been planning and designing their own games in Kodu. They have created their own worlds with characters.  Characters have been programmed to follow paths, drop objects, collect objects or even to shoot at other characters. They have created some fantastic worlds using the tools to create different terrains like water, hills and mountains. The children then created racing games where they programmed a manual cycle to control and a cycle ran by the computer.

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