Year 2 and Year 2/3: The Computer

This half term we have been looking at the computer. We discussed and labelled input and output devices like keyboards, the mouse, touch screens, monitors, web cams, microphones, speakers, projectors. The children discovered that the device needs to have an Operating System to work like Windows, Apple ios or Linux. Year 2/3 then looked at the difference between hardware and software on a computer. Subsequently, the children built their own laptops, thinking about the hardware, software, inputs and outputs on the device. We then looked at special keys on the keyboard and carried out some keyboard typing practise on the ipads.

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Year 4 The Internet

Year 4 have been looking at The Internet. We have explored how the internet is a global network of networks. We discussed the role of routers in the network and how the internet offers multiple services like email and the World Wide Web. The children have produced diagrams of the internet and have looked at the many services it has to offer. Year 3 then used the World Wide Web as one of the services to create their own content on the web. We considered our online safety responsibilities by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of creating our own online content.

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Year 3 Input, Process and Output

Year 3 have been inventing their own digital devices whilst thinking about what the input, process and output would be. They used buttons, touch screen, microphones, web cams as inputs and invented a range of outputs which included buns being baked, different flavoured ice creams produced, a cleaning robot which would do chores as an output.

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Year 4: The Internet – Who owns the web?

Activity : Who owns this content?

Activity : What can you do with the content?

The task is to decide what they you can do with the content on the following websites. Think about who owns the content. Ask the questions:

  1. Am I allowed to view this content?
  2. Am I allowed to download this content?
  3. Am I allowed to use this content? (Google Images)

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