Year 6 – Web Page Design

Year 6 have been studying about the World Wide Web and have explored many facts like who invented the web, why and when. We looked at the first ever web page created by Tim Berner-Lee in 1991 for documents and research projects ran by CERN (Nuclear Research Centre) to be communicated to other scientists.

The first web page address was

We discussed how it was made of just text and hyperlinks and that nowadays web pages contain images, videos, logs, headers etc. Year 6 then went on to plan and create their own websites. Their theme was to share information and support an animal that is under threat or is endangered of becoming extinct.

We discussed many things during this project, for example copyright of images we use on our site, making hyperlinks to other websites for further information. We also explored the role of web crawlers on different search engines and how this affects page rankings of our websites. Here are some of our webpages we created:

The Panda – Rose

The Giant Panda – Emily and Tilly

The Blue Footed Booby Bird – Benn and Sam 

The Turtle – Jamie

Hawksbill Turtle – Emily R

Red Wolf – Zach

Sloths – Orla and Daisy 

Gange River Dolphin – Lucy H

Giant Panda – George and Suvir

Black Rhino – Harry

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Year 4 LOGO Programming

Year 4 have been text based programming using LOGO. They began by looking at sequence of commands and drawing patterns in the LOGO language. The children then planned out drawing digits and initials of their name before testing their programs out in LOGO.

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