Year 4: The Internet

Children in Year 4 have been exploring networks, the internet as a global network and how we add content onto the world wide web. We recognise that the World Wide Web is not the Internet but it needs to Internet to work. We’ve learned about the following:

To describe how networks physically connect to other networks
To recognise how networked devices make up the internet
To describe how content can be added and accessed on the world wide web
To recognise how the content of the WWW is created by people

The children explored creating their own content of the web where we discussed who owned it. We used Chrome Music and Paintz which are free online tool to add content.

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Year 3: Connecting Computers

To explain how digital devices function
To identify input and output devices
To compare how different devices can be connected
To classify the physical components of a network

The children explored how digital devices need an input, process and output. They invented their own digital devices and labelled the IPO. They then role played a school network and role played how to access a stored file from the server.

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Year 3 Digital V Non Digital Painting

Children in Y3 have been comparing the differences between digital and non digital painting. They recreated Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Whilst producing this, we discussed the following:
– Does the paint ever run out?
– Which one is the messiest?
– Can you rub out or erase a mistake?
– Can you make or share lots of copies of the original?
– Which one gives you more colours immediately?
– Which one do they prefer?

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