Year 56: Sharing Information

We have been exploring systems like a digital ted, traffic lights and amazon lockers. We then explored how we can use technology to share information. We worked in groups to great a google slide presentation about World War 1. We could only communicate with our group through the chat facility. We had to choose which aspect of the project each of our group would work on electronically. We then produced a shared presentation. Here’s an example of a group shared project.

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Year 6: Communication and Web Pages

Key Learning:

To identify how to use a search engine
To describe how search engines select results
To explain how search results are ranked
To plan the features of a web page
To create webpage with menus, pages and links
To consider the ownership and use of images (copyright)

We began by looking at the history of the web by using different search engines like google, bing, duckduckgo and swiss cows. We explored the role of web crawlers making an index of the web.

These are some of our web pages we started to design on our class topic World War 1. You will need to log onto your Google Education Account for St Wilfrids to view.

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Year 4: LOGO Programming

Year 4 have been using the text based program LOGO. They have been programming the turtle to create shapes using a repetition of a repeat loop.

repeat 4 [fd 100 rt 90] This draws a square in one line of code. We then commanded the turtle to fill the shapes.

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Year 1 Crazy Character Algorithms

Year 1 during their programming unit have been creating algorithms for a crazy character. They created a character and decomposed it into an algorithm for a friend to follow to draw it. Look at our characters and algorithms.

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