Year 1: Animating using Scratch Junior

Year 1 have been using Scratch Junior to program sprites to solve different outcomes. They finished their unit of work by designing, creating and then programming their own racing rockets.

  • To choose a command for a given purpose
  • To show that a series of commands can be joined together
  • To identify the effect of changing a value
  • To explain that each sprite has its own instructions
  • To design the parts of a project
By stwcomputing

Year 3: Scratch – Events and Actions – Sequences

Year 3 have been programming in Scratch. We have been looking at how to program the sprites using different events and actions. We then have been creating maze and drawing games.
– To explain how a sprite moves in an existing project
– To create a program to move a sprite in four directions
– To adapt a program to a new context
– To develop my program by adding features

By stwcomputing