Year 6 Script Based Languages

To program using a scripting language.

  • I can program in a basic script language
  • I can use the correct syntax like () and “ ”
  • I can run, view and edit my HTML, Python code

Year 6 have used Xray Goggles and Trinket to edit HTML code to edit and build webpages. They then began to explore writing in Python after exploring blocked based programming into python.

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Year 1 Creating Pictures

Year 1 have been exploring different artists and recreating some of their work using the computer. They have explored how to recreate the work of Mondrian, Kandinsky, Matisse and Seurat using different tools. This included using lines, fill can, paint brush, poster paints, undo, erase, shape tool and felt tips. Many of the children said they preferred using the computer to paint than they do with real paints as it’s fun, less messy and more colours and tools to choose from. Look below at the artists work we studied and then look at the children’s masterpieces!

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Year 5 Using Selection and Conditions in Scratch

  • Year 5 have been exploring selection in scratch. Looking at the difference between if….then…. and if…. then…. else…. blocks. We’ve been looking at a range of conditions within the selection block. They have created times tables games, boat races and quizzes using selection.
  • To explain how selection is used in computer programs
  • To relate that a conditional statement connects a condition to an outcome
  • To explain how selection directs the flow of a program
  • To design a program which uses selection
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Year 6: Variables in Scratch

Year 6 have been exploring variables in scratch and how where you place the variables in the code can have an impact on the program. We investigated variables for time, score, speed and lives. We designed scoreboards, a beat a goalie game and a ping pong game.
– To define a ‘variable’ as something that is changeable
– To explain why a variable is used in a program
– To choose how to improve a game by using variables
– To design a project that builds on a given example
– To use my design to create a project

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