Year 6 Physical Computing with Microbits

Year 6 have been using Microsoft Makecode to create programs to control the micro bit. They have been learning:

To create a program to run on a controllable device
To explain that selection can control the flow of a program
To update a variable with a user input
To design a project that uses inputs and outputs on a controllable device

The children programmed the micro bit to light LEDs, be a fortune teller, a compass and a step counter using strings, selection and creating variables.

By stwcomputing

Year 5/6 3D Modelling

Children in Year 5/6 have been using Tinkercad to create 3D models. They have been learning:

To use a computer to create and manipulate three-dimensional (3D) digital objects
To construct a digital 3D model of a physical object
To identify that physical objects can be broken down into a collection of 3D shapes
To design a digital model by combining 3D objects

They started by creating mazes and then buildings.

By stwcomputing